Spanish word formation and lexical creation Edited byJosé Luis Cifuentes Honrubia and Susana Rodríguez Rosique - Ansterdam Filadelfia John Benjamins 2011 - xiii, 485 páginas 25 cm. - IVITRA Research in Linguistics and Literature .

Preface /José Luis Cifuentes Honrubia and Susana Rodríguez Rosique. -- On meteorological denominal verbs in Spanish: Syntactic-semantic properties and argument relationships / Elisa Barrajón López. -- Instrumental verb formation: A conceptual approach / Javier Bolaños Navalón. -- Conflation processes in the formation of Spanish verbs with a prepositional object / José Antonio Candalija Reina. -- Spanish deadjectival verbs and argument structure / José Luis Cifuentes Honrubia. -- Sensory-emotional denominal causative verbs / Ruth-María Lavale-Ortiz. -- Morphology and pragmatics of affixal negation: Evidence from Spanish des- / Susana Rodríguez Rosique. Deverbal nouns with the suffix -dura / Josefa Martín García. -- On protagonizar ‘an event’ and the scope of the concept of ‘light verb’ / María Antonia Martínez Linares. -- The relationship between verb-noun in derivational series / Jesús Pena Seijas. -- Nominalizations of transfer verbs: Blocking, constraints and competition between affixes / Antonio Rifón Sánchez. -- Base selection and prefixing: The prefix des- / David Serrano Dolader. -- Phonetic adaptation and derivational morphological development of foreign words in Spanish in the dpd / Celia Berná Sicilia. -- From Latin super- to Spanish sobre-: Aspects on semantic evolution in verb formation / José Luis Cifuentes Honrubia and Javier Fresnillo Núñez. -- Word formation processes and proposals for the classification of formal neologisms / María Tadea Díaz Hormigo. -- The concept of light in Spanish denominal verbs: A cognitive analysis / Jorge Fernández Jaén and Hilde Hanegreefs. -- Metaphors as a source of lexical creation in the field of wine criticism / Montserrat Planelles Iváñez. -- On deverbal word formation as condensation of previous mental patterns / Estanislao Ramon Trives. -- Lexical collocations and the learning of Spanish as a foreign language: State of the art and future projects / Marta Higueras García. -- Denominal verbs in Ele/El2 classroom (a didactic approach) / Santiago Roca Marín.


Español--Formación de palabras

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